Thursday, 30 March 2017

Look Beautiful With The Help Of Cosmetic Surgery

Flawless perfection in beauty is often overrated. Every individual is unique in their own way. There are small imperfections in everyone. In some they are easily visible, in some they are not. You might have slightly lopsided ears or eyebrows, a torn or slightly wide earlobe, an ugly belly button and so on, that affects your confidence.

You do not have to worry about them anymore. The cosmetic surgery options available today are well equipped to deal with all these issues, that too with outstanding results. Some of the common cosmetic surgery procedures widely used today include earlobe surgery, otoplasty, umbilicoplasty and so on. They are discussed in detail here: -

Ear lobe surgery

Most girls are fans of gaudy long earrings, but constant use leads to drooping ear lobes with wide holes. Though some people enlarge their ear lobe holes intentionally with fashion trends like gauging, most do not find them attractive. Accidents, injuries or trauma can also result in ear lobe irregularities.
Ear lobe surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is done to correct these irregularities, in such a way that they go back to their previous state and the irregularities are no longer visible. 


Ear surgery or otoplasty is done to correct position, shape and size of the ear. Otoplasty is usually done on those who have overly large or protruding ears in varying degrees at both sides. With the help of ear surgery, the ears can be made into an apt shape and size that is in proportion to the patient’s face.


Umbilicoplasty is more commonly called belly button surgery. It is a branch of cosmetic surgery that is done to beautify the appearance of navel or belly button. With latest trends in fashion, umbilicoplasty has gained a great deal of popularity.

Umbilicoplasty is also done in conjunction with tummy tuck or hernia repair surgery. Belly button surgery is done to achieve a small and vertical shaped belly button. 

With advanced, world class infrastructure and treatment options, TLC Clinique offers cosmetic and hair restoration treatment procedures customised to suit the needs of the patient.

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